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Quality Insulation Materials from Ocean View, NJ

At Cape Insulation Co Inc, we provide the highest quality insulation materials for both new and existing structures. We use a variety of methods and materials to provide homeowners and businesses with the best service. Our technicians will work with you to help you decide the right type of insulation material for you.
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Fiberglass Batts

One of the most common forms of insulation is Fiberglass Batts. Batts of insulation are available for floors, walls, crawl spaces, and interior walls. Insulation helps retain heat in the winter months and keeps the heat out in the summer months. This helps conserve energy while lowering utility costs. Our leading insulation product manufacturers are:


Close Cell Spray Foam

This spray foam insulation is a polyurethane spray, which creates an airtight barrier that lowers utility costs from 30% to 50%. It strengthens the structure and protects wood from mold growth. We use CertainTeed CertaSpray® to get the job done.

Loose Fill Blown-in Fiberglass

This insulation is typically used in an attic or exterior wall. We begin each job by removing the siding, then blowing in and installing the loose fill. For homes that do not have insulation, or homes that do not have insulation that is up to code, we can blow over the existing material to increase its R-value. This procedure allows us to insulate the wall without gutting the whole house. We use Jet Stream™, Knauf™, Certa™, and Optima® products.


This is an air-sealing product used for new construction homes or complete renovations with the wall structure already opened up. It is a water-based latex similar to caulk used to seal any crack or opening in the wood structure and to frame the base. Every gap and crack is sealed, including all seams and corners. Learn more about EcoSeal.

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