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Insulation Questions in Ocean View, NJ

Q. How much insulation do I need?

A. The Department of Energy (DOE) establishes recommended levels of insulation for buildings. In this area, homes should have at least 10 inches of insulation in the attic. For new construction, we stay up to date on the most current New Jersey code for buildings.
Q. Which insulation product is the best?

A. All insulation products, when properly installed, work effectively. We can present our estimates based on the area to be insulated and let you make the choice on which product you'd prefer.
Q. Can Cape Insulation Co Inc help me obtain an Energy Star™ or LEED™ rating for my building?

A. Yes. We are well aware of what is required when it comes to insulation to meet the requirements of these programs.
Q. Can I add insulation to my attic if it already has some?

A. Yes. In most cases, extra insulation can be added to what is already installed.
Q. What is a vapor barrier?

A. It is a material, most commonly Kraft® paper that is applied to one side of fiberglass insulation and installed toward the interior in this area. It blocks the flow of warm moist air through walls where the moisture can condense when it reaches colder surfaces leading to potential mold problems.
Q. Are there different types of foam insulation products?

A. Yes. There is foam board sheathing and two types of spray foam–one-half pound and two pounds. We can help you decide which is the best for your particular application.
Q. Can you insulate interior walls for sound control?

A. We have the expertise to blow insulation into interior walls to help reduce sound transmission from room to room. Our company can assist you with this.

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